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Guidance Notes

  1. The Brexit Market Participant Identification Platform serves as a database of corporate information which has to be communicated across the traded energy sector in the context of Brexit. Affected UK-based undertakings are relocating all or part of their business operations to existing or newly established entities, or resort to a shipper model arrangement in order to retain their status as a trading participant in some European markets.
  2. To ease the communication process and make it more efficient, EFET offers an online platform which aggregates business information intended for public use in general, and more specifically, for the purpose of maintaining the existing or establishing new trading relationships.

Access/Registration to the Brexit ID Platform

  1. In order to use this online filing process, parties will be required to register for a Brexit ID Platform account on EFET’s website at (the “Website”) by filling in the form. It will not be necessary for the individual who registers for the account to be the person who is entitled to enter into legally binding commitments on his company’s behalf.
  2. The application data submitted for a Brexit ID Platform account shall be checked and approved (where appropriate) by EFET administrator (as an offline process). Requesting parties will be given the option to add multiple users per company.

Use of the Brexit ID Platform

  1. Once parties are assigned an account, the Brexit ID Platform will require the parties to log in to the Website, visit the profile section where users are invited to fill in their corporate information which has changed or has been updated in the context of Brexit, and indicate their Brexit mitigation strategy from the pre-defined set of options/scenarios.
  2. Trading Entities section allows users to add a new trading entity to be linked with your main business group.
  3. EFET will use all reasonable efforts to help the applicant in the completion of the Brexit ID Platform process. EFET does not accept liability for any issues arising out of the use of the Brexit ID Platform.

Effect of publication on the Brexit ID Platform

  1. Once parties complete their information onto the Website, they will be able to validate the correctness of the information they introduced by checking the Overview section and choosing their company name from the list of entries.
  2. Access to the Brexit ID platform is not restricted to EFET members only and is open to public.
  3. EFET may at its sole discretion remove from the Website any published content if there is reasonable evidence that this published content is the result of fraud or other criminal activity.

* This document is not intended to be legally binding. EFET does not accept liability for any representations made by users for data uploaded onto this facility.