Keeping existing entity, using a new shipping agent for trades at immediately affected locations, but keeping trades at unaffected locations as is

Total Gas & Power Limited (TGPL) will use Total Gas & Power Belgium SA (TGPB) as its transportation service provider in order to cause delivery or acceptance of the relevant products (gas and electricity trading). TGPB (like TGPL) is a 100% owned subsidiary of Total SA. TGPL will remain the contracting party under any gas or electricity trading agreements with EFET counterparties.

For TGPL's wholesale gas and electricity trading activities, as of 8th April 2019, TGPL is only using TGPB as its transportation service provider for gas shipping activities in France.  This switch of gas shipper from TGPL to TGPB in France was effective on 1st March 2019.  

TGPL will monitor developments to see if any further switches or actions are necessary in the context of Brexit.

4/8/2019 12:16:24 PM


Below you will find our current trading entities and the changes per market, in case there is a change.

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